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Our RV’s combine lightweight, luxury and functionality to create the ultimate off-grid RV. We don’t just create RV’s - we eat, sleep and breathe them.  Using 30 years of trailer building experience, our team is able to produce an RV that is unparalleled and extremely unique. Rover RVs can travel overland and easily tour difficult terrain. They are built with solar, water and propane systems that easily allow off-grid living. We combine functionality with design to maximize every inch of space.

While each of our trailers models are different, each are built with the highest quality materials and with the finest craftsmanship. We utilize our proprietary trailer construction techniques to built an RV Trailer that is lightweight and durable. We feature an All Aluminum Chassis construction, butilt on Dual Torsion Axle Suspensions with upgraded BFGoodrich Tires and Black Rhino Stadium Wheels. 


Most models are outfitted with high end solar capabilities from trusted brands like Zamp Solar and Lithium Ion Batteris from Victon Energy. Together, these highly effecient energy solutions ensure your time off-grid can power your adventure. 


Trailers with a kitchen galley are constructed using our proprietary aluminum frame cabinets, which are designed and built to last. Rover utilizes the best in appliances and fixtures from trusted brands like Dometic and Webasto. 

Some models feature a wet bath, consisting of a Shower Head and Domestic Casset toilet, and vented with a Fantastic Roof vent. 


218_Rover Van.jpg

Electrical Systems

Packed with amazing features, our units have some serious power. Spending time off-grid has never been easier with our solar options, inverters and Deep Cell Lithium Batteries

14_Rover Dark.jpg

Aluminum Frame

The frame iw what makes the trailer... and our frames are as strong and lightweight as they come. We craft all of our frames with high-grade alluminum, meaning your trailer will last for a long time and pull easy

4_Rover Dark.jpg


Getting your rover wher it needs to go has never been smoother. All of our units are outfitted with Dual Torsion Axle suspensions. 

Features of a Rover RV Trailer:

  • All Aluminum Chassis Construction

  • Dual Torsiion Axle Suspension

  • 16" Black Rhino Stadium Wheels

  • LCI Eleectric Jack

  • .030 Colored Aluminum Exterior Panels

  • Rubber Coin or Diamon Patter finished floor OR HD Vinyl Wood Flooring

  • Interior and Exterior LED lights

  • Fantastic Roof Vents

  • Deep Cell Lithium Batteris with Monitor System

  • Renogy Inverter with Auto Transfer Switch

  • Dometic Water Heater and Forced Air Furnace


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