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Custom Camper Vans

Redefine Off-Grid. Rover Recreational Vehicles offer what others cannot - Off-Road Capabilities paired with high-end comfort.  Rover Custom Camper Vans are the pinnacle of Van Life and are fully built to your custom specifications using some of the best fixtures, appliances and utilities in the industry. Our designers work with you to create your dream van, taking your ideas and meshing them with our experience to create the ultimate travel machine. When designing your van select from modular design or specific use design and custom seating arrangements. 

While every van is truly custom, they all feature the best in functionality:

  • Sound deadening spray liner and insulation

  • Custom Tires and Wheels

  • Diesel Heat and water heaters

  • LED Light systems throughout

  • Lithium battery and solar power

  • Our proprietary Aluminum Framed cabinets

  • Plush foam-backed upholstered interior

  • Beautiful and functional galley kitchens

Build your van with many different options, including 

  • Custom wraps or exterior graphics

  • Aluminum roof racks

  • Awnings

  • Ladders

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