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The Legacy of Rover

Redefine Life Off-Grid

With over 30 years of experience, our trailers have logged millions of miles of travel all over the world and in some of the harshest environments.  With a Rover you can truly redefine life off-grid

Rover was created to master the outdoors, which is why we’ve built in some serious off-grid capabilities including powerful solar systems and efficient fresh and waste water capabilities

Our trailers and RV’s are built with some of the highest quality components, chassis and suspension systems, making navigating rocky trails and washboard roads a breeze. 

Our streamlined and minimalist designed interiors make use of space in a way that most RV’s can’t. Every square inch of our interiors are thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your time in the outdoors is comfortable, refined and functional. Our SLX and MLX models conveniently convert the living space into storage to haul motorcycles, bicycles or ATV’s securely, while not distracting from the harmonized design of our RV interiors.  

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