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Go Anywhere, Do Everything

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 High power, heavy duty trucks with the ability to handle the roughest terrain and the most challenging off road situations

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Stay Off-Grid in Style in our go anywhere, do anything Rover Trailers


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Customizable Camper Vans, built to your specification


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Pinnacle of Off Grid

Rover Recreational Vehicles are the pinnacle in off-grid travel. We seamlessly pair durability and comfort with a truly perfect travel experience. We have taken over 30 years or trailer and RV building experience to build the ultimate RV, capable of conquering even the toughest terrain. 

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The Rover SLX  is our smallest and easiest to tow trailer. Although it may be little, it packs a punch. It utilizes each square inch in a way that other trailers cannot. The Rover SLX  is a multi-use camp trailer that doubles as a toy hauler, carrying your gear and other essential equipment while also providing a safe and comfortable place to sleep and setup camp.



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The Rover MLX  is truly the King of the trail. It is full of features, capabilities and luxuries that your standard camp trailer just doesn’t have. The Rover MLX is carefully crafted to make your travel seamless. It is ammenity perfectly paired with functionality.  The MLX is a multi-use camp trailer that doubles as a toy and cargo hauler, carrying your motorcycles, four-wheelers, bikes and other essential equipment for your next adventure, wherever that may be. Enjoy travelling off grid with some serious solar functionality that keeps you going and comfortable for days on end. 

Rover Recreational Vehicles offer what others cannot - off-road capabilities paired with high-end comfort.  Our RV’s are designed to withstand harsh terrain, truly allowing an off-grid experience that is unrivaled. Our trailers are built using all aluminum chassis construction, making them lightweight and strong enough to handle nearly any environment. Built on an alluminum chassis with Spring Axle Suspension, our trailers make navigating rocky trails and washboard roads a breeze.

Our streamlined and minimalist designed interiors make use of space in a way that most RV’s can’t. Every square inch of our interiors are thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your time in the outdoors is comfortable, refined and functional. Our MLX and SLX models conveniently convert the living space into storage to haul motorcycles, bicycles or ATV’s securely, while not distracting from the harmonized design of our RV interiors.  

Rover re-defines life off-grid with some of the best technology on the market including Zamp solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and large water and waste tanks. Conveniently travel for days or weeks at a time without the need to rely on external energy sources. 

With over 30 years of experience, our trailers have logged millions of miles of travel all over the world and in some of the harshest environments.  With a Rover you can truly redefine life off-grid.

Let's Do This.

With ready-to-go and custom options, we've got the perfect Rover for you. Browse our available inventory online or speak with our team to start a custom project. Either way, you're in for an adventure. 



Built with these fine components


Every day for the last 10 years I day-dreamed about escaping everyday life and traveling off-grid. Rover made that a reality. I love everything about my Rover... It's gone places I would never have expected a trailer to be able to go. 


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